Project: EDL P16-25-P1
Project title: Deep Learning as a Service (DLaaS)
Project leader: Dr. Mark Hoogendoorn, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)
Co-applicant(s): Henri Bal (VU), Prof.dr. Rob van Nieuwpoor (UvA/NLeSC),  Dr. Cees Snoek (UvA), and Sander Stuijk (TU/e)
Partners: ING-bank, Semiotics Labs, Schiphol, Océ, SURFsara, Mobiquity
Short description: Tooling to improve the usability and efficiency of deep learning for third-parties. Several demonstrators will show how to exploit DL as a Service
P1 addresses four main data efficient DL approaches:

  • It develops a more easily usable service for applying deep learning as an extension to existing libraries that is able to run DL approaches more efficiently.
  • The service in addition offers efficient DL approaches to cope with a lack of labels.
  • The approaches allow users to gain insights into the DL networks and configurations.
  • The service embeds DL approaches that can cope better with temporal high frequency