Project: EDL P16-25-P5
Project title: DL for Human and Animal Health (HAH)
Project leader: Henkjan Huisman (RadboudUMC)
Co-applicant(s): Prof.dr. Bert de Vries (TU/e), Prof.dr. Eldert van Henten (WUR), Dr. Jeroen van der Laak (Radboud)
Partners: Siemens Healthineers, Sectra, Lely, GN Hearing, Sorama
Short description: DL for automatic monitoring and diagnostics for medical diagnostics
P5 addresses four main data efficient DL approaches:

  • Real-time inference on 2D and 3D array data.
  • Increase trust by introspection and user feedback.
  • Minimize data annotation requirement.
  • Exploit distributed architecture and cloud application.