Project: EDL P16-25-P6
Project title: DL for Mobile Robotics (MRob)
Project leader: Prof.dr. Dariu Gavrila (TU Delft)
Co-applicant(s): Dr. Gijs Dubbelman (TU/e-SPS), Prof.dr. Henk Corporaal, Dr. Jan van Gemert (TUDelft), Dr. Julian Kooij (TU Delft), Prof.dr. Marcel Reinders (TU Delft)
Partners: TomTom, 2getthere
Short description: Learning methods to allow mobile robots to perceive and act intelligent on their environment
P6 covers perception, mapping and localization for highly automated vehicles in complex urban traffic. Challenges are how to efficiently:

  • exploit multiple sensor modalities
  • exploit the temporal dimension
  • represent the environment